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1996 Volume 32 Issue 3

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Judgements About the Value and Cost of Human Factors Information in Design
Catherine M. Burns | Kim J. Vicente

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Relevance Judgments for Assessing Recall
Peter Wallis | James A. Thom

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Multimedia Document Management: An Anthropocentric Approach
Nadia Bianchi | Piero Mussio | Marco Padula | Giuliana Rubbia Rinaldi

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Improving Information Retrieval by Combining User Profile and Document Segmentation
Sylvie Lainé-Cruzel | Thierry Lafouge | J. P. Lardy | N. B. Abdallah

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Effects of OCR Errors on Ranking and Feedback Using the Vector Space Model
Kazem Taghva | Julie Borsack | Allen Condit

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An Explanation of the Effectiveness of Latent Semantic Indexing by Means of a Bayesian Regression Model
R. E. Story

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Key Information Systems Issues: An Analysis of MIS Publications
Prashant C. Palvia | Balaji Rajagopalan | Anil Kumar | Ned Kumar

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A Comparative Analysis of the Information Sectors of South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan
K. Mee-Jean

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Development of IR Systems: New Direction
Valery I. Frants | Jacob Shapiro | Vladimir G. Voiskunskii