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1996 Volume 32 Issue 6

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Performance Issues in Distributed Shared-Nothing Information-Retrieval Systems
Anthony Tomasic | Hector Garcia-Molina

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Retrieval Effectiveness of Proper Name Search Methods
Ulrich Pfeifer | Thomas Poersch | Norbert Fuhr

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A Study of Search Intermediary Working Notes: Implications for IR System Design
Amanda Spink | Abby Goodrum

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Document Familiarity, Relevance, and Bradford's Law: the Getty Online Searching Project Report Number 5
Marcia J. Bates

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The Optimization of Online Searches Through the Labelling of a Dynamic, Situation-Dependent Information Need: the Reference Interview and Online Searching for Undergraduates Doing a Social-Science Assignment
Charles Cole | Lynn Kennedy | Susan Carter

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The Exact-Display Approach for Online Catalog Subject Searching
Karen M. Drabenstott | Marjorie S. Weller

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Text Windows and Phrases Differing by Discipline, Location in Document, and Syntactic Structure
Robert M. Losee

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MultiMedia and Imaging Databases
David Dubin

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Standards Policy for Information Infrastructure
William E. Moen

Stephanie W. Haas

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Contextual Media: Multimedia and Interpretation
Corinne Jörgensen