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1996 Volume 47 Issue 1

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Some Perspectives on the Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems
Jean Tague-Sutcliffe

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STAIRS Redux: Thoughts on the STAIRS Evaluation, Ten Years after
David C. Blair

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The Dilemma of Measurement in Information Retrieval Research
David Ellis

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Variations in Relevance Assessments and the Measurement of Retrieval Effectiveness
Stephen P. Harter

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A Task-Oriented Approach to Information Retrieval Evaluation
William R. Hersh | Jeffrey Pentecost | David H. Hickam

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Evaluation of Interactive Knowledge-Based Systems: Overview and Design for Empirical Testing
F. W. Lancaster | Jacob W. Ulvila | Susanne M. Humphrey | Linda C. Smith | Bryce Allen | Saul Herner

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Stemming Algorithms: A Case Study for Detailed Evaluation
David A. Hull

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Evaluating Interactive Systems in TREC
Micheline Hancock-Beaulieu | Stephen E. Robertson | Edie M. Rasmussen

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Evaluating Retrieval Performance Given Database and Query Characteristics: Analytic Determination of Performance Surfaces
Robert M. Losee