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1996 Volume 47 Issue 10

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Source-Item Production Laws for the Case That Items Have Multiple Sources with Fractional Counting of Credits
Leo Egghe

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Filtered Document Retrieval with Frequency-Sorted Indexes
Michael Persin | Justin Zobel | Ron Sacks-Davis

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Inter-Record Linkage Structure in a Hypertext Bibliographic Retrieval System
Dietmar Wolfram

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Journal Production and Journal Impact Factors
Ronald Rousseau | Guido Van Hooydonk

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Linguistic Laws and Computer Programs
Peter Kokol | Tatjana Kokol

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Expertise and the Perception of Shape in Information
Andrew Dillon | Dille Schaap

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At the Crossroads: Librarians on the Information Superhighway, by Herbert S. White
Charles H. Davis

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Fril - Fuzzy and Evidential Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence, by J. F. Baldwin, T. P. Martin, and B. W. Pilsworth
Nikola K. Kasabov

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Electric Words: Dictionaries, Computers, and Meanings, by Yorick A. Wilks, Brian M. Slator, and Louise M. Guthrie
Julian Warner

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Finding Government Information on the Internet, edited by John Maxymuk
Doborah Hunt

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Measuring Information: An Information Services Persepective, by Jean Tague-Sutcliffe
Robert M. Losee

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Information Management for the Intelligent Organization: The Art of Scanning the Environment, by Chun Wei Choo
Kenneth G. Madden

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Contextual Media: Multimedia and Interpretation, edited by Edward Barrett and Marie Redmond
Julia Gelfand

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Learning Networks: A Field Guide to Teaching and Learning Online, by Linda Harasim, Starr Roxanne Hiltz, Lucio Teles, and Murray Turoff
Robert Wittorf