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1996 Volume 47 Issue 12

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Abraham Bookstein

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Labeled, Typed Lins as Cues when Reading Hypertext Documents
Lisa Baron | Jean Tague-Sutcliffe | Mark T. Kinnucan | Tom Carey

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Experiments with a Stemming Algorithm for Malay Words
Fatimah Ahmad | Mohammed Yusoff | Tengku M. T. Sembok

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The Effectiveness of the Electronic City Metaphor for Organizing the Menus of Free-Nets
Elaine G. Toms | Mark T. Kinnucan

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The Modern Language Association: Electronic and Paper Surveys of Computer-Based Tool Use
Debora Shaw | Charles H. Davis

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The Contributions of Organizational Science to the Development of Decision Support Systems Research Subspecialties
Sean B. Eom | Roy S. Farris

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Computerization and Controversy: Value Conflicts and Social Choices (2nd Ed.), edited by Rob Kling
Thomas A. Peters

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The Internet Compendium: Subject Guides to Health and Science Resources, by Louis Rosenfeld, Joseph Janes, and Martha Vander Kolk
J. R. Jackson

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Educational Services in Health Sciences Libraries. Volume 2: Current Practise in Health Sciences Librarianship, edited by Francesca Allegri
Linda S. Bixler