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1996 Volume 47 Issue 4

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Full-Text Information Retrieval: Introduction
MaryEllen C. Sievert

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TELLTALE: Experiments in a Dynamic Hypertext Environment for Degraded and Multilingual Data
Claudia Pearce | Charles K. Nicholas

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Affective and Cognitive Searching Behavior of Novice End-Users of a Full-Text Database
Diane Nahl | Carol Tenopir

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On the Creation of Hypertext Links in Full-Text Documents: Measurement of Retrieval Effectiveness
David Ellis | Jonathan Furner | Peter Willett

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Have Referees Rejected Some of the Most-Cited Articles of All Times?
Juan Miguel Campanario

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Colinked Descriptors: Improving Vocabulary Selection for End-User Searching
Stephen P. Harter | Yung-Rang Cheng

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The Future of Software, edited by Derek Leebaert
Michael Lesk

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A Library Manager's Guide to the Physical Processing of Nonbook Materials, by Karen C. Driessen and Sheila A. Smyth
Mary Ellen Soper

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Typologies and Taxonomies: An Introduction to Classification Techniques, by Kennet D. Bailey
Rebecca Green

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Computational Organization Theory, edited by Kathleen M. Carley and Michael J. Prietula
Herbert J. Lidstone

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Chaos and Catastrophe Theories, by Courtney Brown
William E. McGrath