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1996 Volume 47 Issue 5

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A System for Analyzing Cataloging Rules: A Feasibility Study
Shoichi Taniguchi

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Using Corpus Statistics to Remove Redundant Words in Text Categorization
Yiming Yang | W. John Wilbur

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Cooperation and Online Searching via a Computer-Supported Cooperative Problem Solving Environment
Kathleen M. Swigger | Ken Hartness

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Comparison of Two Indices for the Investigation of Cooperation Graphs
Gerhard Geldenhuys | Lezánne Human

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Information Calculus for Information Retrieval
C. J. van Rijsbergen | Mounia Lalmas

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Out in the Cold - Academic Boycotts and the Isolation of South Africa, by Lorraine J. Haricombe and F. W. Lancaster
V. Marielle McFarland | Hermann L. Totten

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Detour: The Truth about the Information Superhighway, by Michael Sullivan-Trainor
Robin Peek

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Academic Libraries as High-Tech Gateways: A Guide to Design and Space Decisions, by Richard J. Bazillion and Connie Braun
Tina C. Fu

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Sociomedia: Multimedia, Hypermedia, and the Social Construction of Knowledge, edited by Edward Barrett
Jamshid Beheshti

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Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought, by Douglas Hofstadter
Charles Cole

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Genreflecting: A Guide to Reading Interests in Genre Fiction, by Diana Tixier Herald
Lynne McKechnie

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Information Seeking in Electronic Environments, by Gari Marchionini
Janette R. Hill