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1996 Volume 47 Issue 8

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Jack Belzer, January 16, 1910 - June 22, 1995
Anthony Debons

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Correspondence Factor Analysis of the Publication Patterns of 48 Countries over the Period 1981-1992
Jean-Christophe Doré | Tiiu Ojasoo | Yoshiko Okubo | Thomas Durand | Gérard Dudognon | Jean-François Miquel

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Multiple Search Sessions Model of End-User Behavior: An Exploratory Study
Amanda Spink

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Simulation Model for Journal Subscription by Libraries
Richard E. Quandt

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Interlinking E-Mail Systems
Dale Hibner | Richard Bellaver | Frank M. Groom

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Reading the Bones: Information Content, Value, and Ownership Issues Raised by the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
Teresa Olwick Grose

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Method for Evaluation of Stemming Algorithms Based on Error Counting
Chris D. Paice

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Levels of Citation Relations between Papers
Pit Pichappan

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Telecommunications Politics: Ownership and Control of the Information Highway in Developing Countries, edited by Bella Mody, Johannes M. Bauer, and Joseph D. Staubhaar
Alice Robbin

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The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Reference Service and Bibliographic Instruction, edited by Gary M. Pitkin
Donald R. Smith

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Human Factors in Information Systems: Emerging Theoretical Bases, edited by Jane M. Carey
Thomas A. Peters