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1996 Volume 47 Issue 9

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Calvin N. Mooers, October 24, 1919 - December 1, 1994
Madeline M. Henderson

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Electronic Publishing Grows up
Robin Peek

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What Is a Document? Rethinking the Concept in Uneasy Times
Linda Schamber

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Organizational Dimensions of Effective Digital Library Use: Closed Rational and Open Natural Systems Models
Lisa Covi | Rob Kling

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ELVYN: The Delivery of an Electronic Version of a Journal from the Publisher to Libraries
Fytton Rowland | Cliff McKnight | Jack Meadows | Peter Such

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IPCT Journal Readership Survey
Zane L. Berge | Mauri P. Collins

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Networked Information Retrieval and Organization: Issues and Questions
Joseph W. Janes | Louis B. Rosenfeld

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Dictionary of Bibliometrics, by Virgil Diodato
Katherine W. McCain

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Critical Issues in Systems Theory and Practice, edited by Keith Ellis, Amanda Gregory, Bridget R. Mears-Young, and Gillian Ragsdell
Peter G. Underwood

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Designing Information Technology in the Postmodern Age: From Method to Metaphor, by Richard Coyne
Terrence A. Brooks

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Beyond the Information Systems Outsourcing Bandwagon: s The Insourcing Response, by Mary Celia Lacity and Rudy Hirschheim
Alison M. Keyes

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Expertise and Technology, Cognition and Human-Computer Cooperation, edited by Jean-Michel Hoc, Pietro C. Cacciabue, and Erik Hollnagel
Melanie J. Norton

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Library Patrons and the Law, by Arlene Bielefield and Lawrence Cheeseman
Stephen Marvin

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The Internet Access Cookbook: A Librarian's Commonsense Guide to Low-Cost Connections, by Karen G. Schneider
Donna Zoccola Soultoukis