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1997 Volume 33 Issue 2

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Introduction to the Special Issue on Methods and Tools for the Automatic Construction of Hypertext
Maristella Agosti | James Allan

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On the Use of Information Retrieval Techniques for the Automatic Construction of Hypertext
Maristella Agosti | Fabio Crestani | Massimo Melucci

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Building Hypertext Using Information Retrieval
James Allan

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Automatic Construction and Management of Large Open Webs
Paul B. Thistlewaite

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Browsing Document Collections: Automatically Organizing Digital Libraries and Hypermedia using the Gray Code
Robert M. Losee

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Automatic Text Structuring and Summarization
Gerard Salton | Amit Singhal | Mandar Mitra | Chris Buckley

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Threading Electronic Mail - A Preliminary Study
David D. Lewis | K. A. Knowles

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Applying Hypertext Structures to Software Documentation
James C. French | John C. Knight | Allison L. Powell

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Navigation via Similarity: Automatic Linking Based on Semantic Closeness
Douglas Tudhope | Carl Taylor

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Building Application Dependent Hypertexts
Rainer Hammwöhner | Marc Rittberger

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Methods for Evaluating the Quality of Hypertext Links
James Blustein | R. E. Webber | Jean Tague-Sutcliffe