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1997 Volume 33 Issue 4

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The vision digital video library
Susan Gauch | Li Wei | John M. Gauch

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Modeling and retrieving images by content
Venkat N. Gudivada | Vijay V. Raghavan

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Augmenting a characterization network with semantic information
F. C. Berger | Patrick van Bommel

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Thesaurus construction: problems and their roots
U. Miller

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Statistical inference in retrieval effectiveness evaluation
Jacques Savoy

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A method for the classification and retrieval problem of reusable software resources
Yongbeom Kim

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A new explanation of the geometric law in the case of library circulation data
Thierry Lafouge | Sylvie Lainé-Cruzel

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Determinants of computer user expectations and their relationships with user satisfaction: an empirical study
Randy Ryker | Ravinder Nath | J. Henson

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A model to assess the behavioral impacts of consultative knowledge based systems
Brenda Mak | Kalle Lyytinen

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Information behaviour: an interdisciplinary perspective
T. D. Wilson

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Review - Enhancing Access to Information: Designing Catalogs for the 21st Century
Charles R. Hildreth

Rieview - The Art of Abstracting
Helen R. Tibbo

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Review - Computation and Controversy: Value Conflicts and Social Choices
Tom Wilson

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Review - Cognition and Complexity: The Cognitive Science of Managing Complexity
Charles Cole