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1997 Volume 33 Issue 6

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Measuring the impact of information: defining the concepts
Charles T. Meadow | Weijing Yuan

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Calculating the information content of an information process for a domain expert using Shannon's mathematical theory of communication: a preliminary analysis
C. Cole

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Automatic text structuring and categorization as a first step in summarizing legal cases
Marie-Francine Moens | Caroline Uyttendaele

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A prefix trie index for inverted files
Michael J. Nelson

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An overhead reduction technique for mega-state compression schemes
Abraham Bookstein | Shmuel T. Klein | Timo Raita

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Browsing is a collaborative process
Michael B. Twidale | David M. Nichols | Chris D. Paice

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Analysis of users' searches of CD-ROM databases in the national and university library in Zagreb
Maja Jokic

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Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative
Myke Gluck

Review - Federal Information Policies in the 1990s: Views and Perspectives
P. Bergeron

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Review - Information Tasks: Toward a User-centred Approach to Information Systems
Pia Borlund

Review - Managing Knowledge: Perspectives on Cooperation and Competition
W. C. Chun

Review - The Corporate Memory: Information Management in the Electronic Age
C. Schwartz

Review - Managing information for the competitive edge
Tom Wilson

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Review - High Noon on the Electronic Frontier: Conceptual Issues in Cyberspace
Kenneth G. Madden