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1997 Volume 48 Issue 1

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Informetric Distributions. III. Ambiguity and Randomness
Abraham Bookstein

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The Self-Sufficient Library Collection: A Test of Assumptions
F. C. A. Exon | Keith F. Punch

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A Concept Space Approach to Addressing the Vocabulary Problem in Scientific Information Retrieval: An Experiment on the Worm Community System
Hsinchun Chen | Tobun D. Ng | Joanne Martinez | Bruce R. Schatz

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Automatic Classification of E-Mail Messages by Message Type
Andrew D. May

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Map Displays for Information Retrieval
Xia Lin

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A Statistical Learning Approach to Automatic Indexing of Controlled Index Terms
Chi-Hong Leung | Wing-Kay Kan

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Disciplinary Variation in Automatic Sublanguage Term Identification
Stephanie W. Haas

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Citation Theories in the Framework of International Flow of Information: New Evidence with Translation Analysis
Ziming Liu

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Backpropagation: Theory, Architectures, and Applications, edited by Yves Chauvin and David E. Rumelhart
Paul V. Biron

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Scholarly Publishing: The Electronic Frontier, edited by Robin P. Peek and Gregory B. Newby
Jaap A. Jasperse