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1997 Volume 48 Issue 10

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Jean Tague-Sutcliffe, 1931-1996
Mike Nelson

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Design and Implementation of Automatic Indexing for Information Retrieval with Arabic Documents
Ismail Hmeidi | Ghassan Kanaan | Martha W. Evens

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Information Using Likeness Measures
Martin Frické

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Types and Levels of Collaboration in Interdisciplinary Research in the Sciences
Jian Qin | F. W. Lancaster | Bryce Allen

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Measuring the Impact of Information on Development: A LISREL-Based Study of Small Business in Shanghai
Liwen Qiu Vaughan | Jean Tague-Sutcliffe

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Clustering and Classification of Large Document Bases in a Parallel Environment
Anthony S. Ruocco | Ophir Frieder

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Fractional Counting of Multiauthored Publications: Consequences for the Impact of Authors
Guido Van Hooydonk

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Structural Modeling of Network Systems in Citation Analysis
Dang Yaru

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The Diffusion on Scientific Journals Analyzed Through Citations
Pedro Alvarez | Antonio Pulgarín

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Information Systems Development and Data Modeling: Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations, by Rudy Hirschheim, Heinz K. Klein, and Kalle Lyytinen
Peter Aiken

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Symbolic Projection for Image Information Retrieval and Spatial Reasoning, by Shi-Kuo Chang and Erland Jungert
Geoffrey Z. Liu