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1997 Volume 48 Issue 11

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Introduction to the Special Topic Issue: Current Research in Human-Computer Interaction
Andrew Dillon

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Human-Computer Interaction - Whence and Whither?
Brian Shackel

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Modeling the Human Factors of Scholarly Communities Supported Through the Internet and World Wide Web
Brian R. Gaines | Lee Li-Jen Chen | Mildred L. G. Shaw

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Evaluating a Multimedia Authoring Tool
Bonnie E. John | Matthew M. Mashyna

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Organizational Usability of Digital Libraries: Case Study of Legal Research in Civil and Criminal Cours
Margaret S. Elliott | Rob Kling

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An Informal Information-Seeking Environment
David G. Hendry | David J. Harper

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Writing with Collaborative Hypertext: Analysis and Modeling
Chaomei Chen

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Who's Zooming Whom? Attunement to Animation in the Interface
Michael Chui | Andrew Dillon

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The Systemics of Dialogism: On the Prevalence of the Self in HCI Design
Colin T. Schmidt