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1997 Volume 48 Issue 2

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Extending Theory for User-Centered Information Services: Diagnosing and Learning from Error in Complex Statistical Data
Alice Robbin | Lee Frost-Kumpf

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Integrating Structured Data and Text: A Relational Approach
David A. Grossman | Ophir Frieder | David O. Holmes | David C. Roberts

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Evaluation of Search Results: A New Approach
Vladimir G. Voiskunskii

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Comparing Boolean and Probabilistic Information Retrieval Systems across Queries and Disciplines
Robert M. Losee

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A Graphical, Self-Organizing Approach to Classifying Electronic Meeting Output
Richard E. Orwig | Hsinchun Chen | Jay F. Nunamaker Jr.

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Science-Technology Coupling: The Case of Mathematical Logic and Computer Science
Roland Wagner-Döbler

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Describing Technological Paradigm Transitions: A Methodological Exploration
Danny P. Wallace | Connie Van Fleet