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1997 Volume 48 Issue 3

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Supporting Discovery in Virtual Libraries
Bipin C. Desai

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Data Set Isolation for Bibliometric Online Analyses of Research Publications: Fundamental Mehodological Issues
Peter Ingwersen | Finn Hjortgaard Christensen

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End-User Searching Behavior in Information Retrieval: A Longitudinal Study
Weijing Yuan

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Ranking Schemes in Hybrid Boolean Systems: A New Approach
Jacques Savoy

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A Discipline Independent Definition of Information
Robert M. Losee

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Decision Support for Serials Deselection and Acquisition: A Case Study
David J. Robb | Angela McCormick

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Citation Content Analysis of a Botany Journal
Michael H. MacRoberts | Barbara R. MacRoberts

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Electronic Publishing and Libraries. Planning for the Impact and Growth to 2003, by David J. Brown
Mary E. Brown