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1997 Volume 48 Issue 7

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A Tribute to Yuri Rubinsky, August 2, 1952-January 21, 1996
Stuart Weibel

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Why SGML? Why Now?
Yves Marcoux | Martin Sévigny

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SGML and Related Standards: New Directions as the Second Decade Begins
James David Mason

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The "ABCs" of DSSSL
Sharon C. Adler

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Application of HyTime Hyperlinks and Finite Coordinate Spaces to Historical Writing, Analysis, and Presentation
Eliot Kimber | Julia A. Woods

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W[h]ither the Web? The Extension of Replacement of HTML
Peter Flynn

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The Text Encoding Initiative: Flexible and Extensible Document Encoding
David T. Barnard | Nancy Ide

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Extending SGML to Accommodate Database Functions: A Methodological Overview
Arijit Sengupta | Andrew Dillon

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All My Data Is in SGML. Now What?
Jon Fausey | Keith Shafer

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Towards a Methodology for Document Analysis
Airi Salminen | Katri Kauppinen | Merja Lehtovaara

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SGML: The Reason Why and the First Published Hint
Charles F. Goldfarb

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More Authors, More Institutions, and More Funding Sources: Hot Papers in Biology from 1991 to 1993
Haiqi Zhang

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Qualitative Exploration of Learners' Information-Seeking Processes Using Perseus Hypermedia System
Shu Ching Yang

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The Art of Abstracting (2nd ed.), by Edward T. Cremmins
Carol A. Bean

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Ethics and Computing: Living Responsibly in a Computerized World, by Kevin W. Bowyer
Robert L. Battenfeld