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1997 Volume 48 Issue 9

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The Documentation and Special Libraries Movements in the United States, 1910-1960
Robert V. Williams

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The Cross-Fertilization of the U. S. Public Library Model and the French Documentation Model (IIB, French Correspondent of FID) Through the French Professional Associations Between World War I and World War II
Silvie Fayet-Scribe

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NATO Advanced Study Institutes of Information Science and Foundations of Information Science
Anthony Debons | Esther E. Horne

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What Is a "Document"?
Michael K. Buckland

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Relevance: The Whole History
Stefano Mizzaro

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Bradford's Distribution: From the Classical Bibliometric "Law" to the More General Stochastic Models
Vesna Oluic-Vukovic

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University Faculty and Networked Information: Results of a Survey
John M. Budd | Lynn Silipigni Connaway

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The World at Stage III, but the Net at Stage II
Michael Koenig | Patrizia Sione

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Strategic Management for Public Libraries: A Handbook, by Robert M. Hayes and Virginia A. Walter
Réjean Savard

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Computer Networks: A Systems Approach, by Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie
Bret H. Parker

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Data Mining with Neural Networks: Solving Business Problems from Application Development to Decision Support, by Joseph P. Bigus
Alan T. Schroeder Jr.