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1998 Volume 34 Issue 1

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Trends in ... a Critical Review: On the Role of Logic in Information Retrieval
Fabrizio Sebastiani

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Logical Models in Information Retrieval: Introduction and Overview
Mounia Lalmas

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Nonmonotonic Logic for Use in Information Retrieval: An Exploratory Paper
C. D. Hurt

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Passage Retrieval: Aprobabilistic Technique
Massimo Melucci

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Database Tomography for Technical Intelligence: A Roadmap of the Near-Earth Space Science and Technology Literature
Ronald N. Kostoff | Henry J. Eberhart | Darrell Ray Toothman

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Jaccard Similarity Leads to the Marczewski-Steinhaus Topology for Information Retrieval
Ronald Rousseau

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Automatic Caption Localization for Photographs on World Wide Web Pages
Neil C. Rowe | Brian Frew

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Content-Based Image Retrieval Using a Composite Color-Shape Approach
Babu M. Mehtre | Mohan S. Kankanhalli | Wing Foon Lee

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Literature Growth and Author Productivity Patterns in Indian Physics
Brij Mohan Gupta | Lalita Sharma | Suresh Kumar

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Book Review: Rationalizing Medical Work: Decision-Support Techniques and Medical Practices by M. Berg
William R. Hersh