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1998 Volume 34 Issue 2-3

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Visualization and Scaling of TREC Topic Document Sets
Mark E. Rorvig | Steven J. Fitzpatrick

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Scaled Structure in Visualized TREC Data and Query Feedback
Mark E. Rorvig

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Attributes of Images in Describing Tasks
Corinne Jörgensen

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Freestyle vs. Boolean: A Comparison of Partial and Exact Match Retrieval Systems
Lee Anne H. Paris | Helen R. Tibbo

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A Theoretical Study of Recall and Precision Using a Topological Approach to Information Retrieval
Leo Egghe | Ronald Rousseau

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Users' Criteria for Relevance Evaluation: A Cross-situational Comparison
Carol L. Barry | Linda Schamber

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Toward an Understanding of the Dynamics of Relevance Judgment: An Analysis of One Person's Search Behavior
Rong Tang | Paul Solomon

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Elicitation Behavior During Mediated Information Retrieval
Amanda Spink | Abby Goodrum | David Robins

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General Unformation Theory: Some Macroscopic Dynamics of the Human Thinking Systems
Thow-Yick Liang

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A Symbolic Approach Using Feature Construction Capable of Acquiring Information/Knowledge for Building Expert Systems
Raymond L. Major

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Some Conditions for Cost Efficiency in Hypermedia
J. Christopher Westland

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Is the Lack of Keyword Synergism Inhibiting Maturation in the MIS Theory? An Exploratory Perspective
Narasimhaiah Gorla | Gary Walker

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Information Processing Using Citations to Investigate Journal Influence in Accounting
Alireza Tahai | John T. Rigsby

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Trends in ... a Critical Review: Growth of Theories on Information Seeking: An Analysis of Growth of a Theoretical Research Program on the Relation Between Task Complexity and Information Seeking
Pertti Vakkari

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Book Review: National Information Infrastructure Initiatives: Visions and Policy Design edited by B. Kahin and E. Wilson
Robert C. Ward