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1998 Volume 34 Issue 5

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Fuzzy Content-based Retrieval in Image Databases
Jian-Kang Wu | A. Desai Narasimhalu

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Interfaces and Tools for the Library of Congress National Digital Library Program
Gary Marchionini | Catherine Plaisant | Anita Komlodi

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Value of Search Results as a Whole as the Best Single Measure of Information Retrieval Performance
Louise T. Su

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An Information Architecture to Support the Visualization of Personal Histories
Catherine Plaisant | Ben Shneiderman | Rich Mushlin

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From Highly Relevant to Not Relevant: Examining Different Regions of Relevance
Amanda Spink | Howard Greisdorf | Judy Bateman

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Glean: Using Syntactic Information in Document Filtering
Raman Chandrasekar | Bangalore Srinivas

Book Review: The Gordian Knot: Political Gridlock on the Information Highway by Neuman et al
Marcel M. Allbritton | Rolf T. Wigand

Book Review: Success Factors for Fee-based Information Services by Irene Wormell
M. P. Satija