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1998 Volume 49 Issue 10

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Cyril W. Cleverdon (In Memoriam)
Stephen E. Robertson

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Simon's Generating Mechanism: Consequences and Their Correspondence to Empirical Facts
Vesna Oluic-Vukovic

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Natural Language Versus Controlled Vocabulary in Information Retrieval: A Case Study in Soil Mechanics
Manikya Rao Muddamalle

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An Association-Based Method for Automatic Indexing with a Controlled Vocabulary
Christian Plaunt | Barbara A. Norgard

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Design Considerations in Instrumenting and Monitoring Web-Based Information Retrieval Systems
Michael D. Cooper

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Document Representation and Retrival Using Empirical Facts: Evaluation of a Pilot System
Sam Gyun Oh

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Standardizing Relative Impacts: Estimating the Quality of Research from Citation Counts
Guido Van Hooydonk

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The Emergence of Distributed Library Services: A European Perspective
Lorcan Dempsey | Rosemary Russell | Robin Murray

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Expert Systems: Introduction to First and Second Generation and Hybrid Knowledge Based Systems, by Chris Nikolopoulos
Sait Dogru

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Automated Information Retrieval: Theory and Methods, by Valery I. Frants, Jacob Shapiro, and Vladimir G. Voiskunskii
Geoffrey Z. Liu

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Web Security & Commerce, by Simon Garfinkel
Melanie J. Norton