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1998 Volume 49 Issue 12

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Social Informatics in Information Science: An Introduction
Rob Kling | Howard Rosenbaum | Carol A. Hert

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Information Technology, Employment, and the Information Sector: Trends in Information Employment 1970-1995
Stana B. Martin

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Collaborative Information Retrieval: Toward a Social Informatics View of IR Interaction
Murat Karamuftuoglu

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IT and Changing Professional Identity: Micro Studies and Macro-Theory
Geoff Walsham

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Collaboration and Conflict in the Development of a Computerized Dispatch Facility
Andrew Clement | Chris Halonen

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Work, Friendship, and Media Use for Information Exchange in a Networked Organization
Caroline Haythornthwaite | Barry Wellman

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The Impact of Gender, Occupation, and Presence of Children on Telecommuting Motivations and Constraints
Patricia L. Mokhtarian | Michael N. Bagley | Ilan Salomon

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Contexts of Uninhibited Online Behavior: Flaming in Social Newgroups on Usenet
Joseph M. Kayany