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1998 Volume 49 Issue 13

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Topological Aspects of Information Retrieval
Leo Egghe | Ronald Rousseau

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On the Necessity of Term Dependence in a Query Space for Weighted Retrieval
Peter Bollmann-Sdorra | Vijay V. Raghavan

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Optimizing a Library's Loan Policy: An Integer Programming Approach
Hesham K. Al-Fares

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On the Fusion of Documents from Multiple Collection Information Retrieval Systems
Ronald R. Yager | Alexander N. Rybalov

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Indexing and Access for Digital Libraries and the Internet: Human, Database, and Domain Factors
Marcia J. Bates

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Software Engineering as Seen through Its Research Literature: A Study in Co-Word Analysis
Neal S. Coulter | Ira Monarch | Suresh Konda

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Information Aspects of New Organizational Designs: Exploring the Non-Traditional Organization
Bob Travica