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1998 Volume 49 Issue 2

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Clumping Properties of Content-Bearing Words
Abraham Bookstein | Shmuel T. Klein | Timo Raita

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A Cognitive Model of Document Use During a Research Project. Study I. Document Selection
Peiling Wang | Dagobert Soergel

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Electronic News Delivery Project
Carolyn R. Watters | Michael A. Shepherd | Forbes J. Burkowski

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Scholarly Communication in Developmental Dyslexia: Influence of Network Structure on Change in a Hybrid Problem Area
Claudia A. Perry | Ronald E. Rice

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Concept Similarity and Conceptual Information Alteration via English-to-Chinese and Chinese-to English Translation of Medical Article Titles
Shaoyi He

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Searching Through Cyberspace: The Effects of Link Display and Link Density on Information Retrival from Hypertext on the World Wide Web
Kushal Khan | Craig Locatis

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Virtual Individuals, Virtual Groups: Human Dimensions of Groupware and Computer Networking, by Jo Ann Oravec
Leslie Regan Shade

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Entertainment Technology and Tomorrow's Information Services, by Tom Kinney
Sue Myburgh

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Highway of Dreams: A Critical View along the Information Superhighway, by Michael Noll
Donald Owen Case

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Implementation of Organizational Innovation: Studies of Academic and Research Libraries, by Peter Clayton
Peter G. Underwood

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Beyond the Library of the Future: More Alternative Futures for the Public Library, by Bruce A. Shuman
Amy E. Sanidas

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Culture of the Internet, edited by Sara Kiesler
Thomas A. Peters

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Gateways to Knowledge: The Role of Academic Librariesin Teaching, Learning, and Research, edited by Lawrence Dowler
Ebrahim Afshar