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1998 Volume 49 Issue 3

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Application of Rough Sets to Information Retrieval
Sadaaki Miyamoto

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Alleviating Search Uncertainty Through Concept Associations: Automatic Indexing, Co-Occurrence Analysis, and Parallel Computing
Hsinchun Chen | Joanne Martinez | Amy Kirchhoff | Tobun D. Ng | Bruce R. Schatz

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Fuzzy Functional Dependencies and Redundancy Elimination
Patrick Bosc | Didier Dubois | Henri Prade

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Imprecision and Uncertainty in the UFO Database Model
Nancy Van Gyseghem | Rita M. M. De Caluwe

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Modeling Spatial Relationships within a Fuzzy Framework
Maria A. Cobb | Frederick E. Petry

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Image Retrieval by Color Semantics with Incomplete Knowledge
Jacopo M. Corridoni | Alberto Del Bimbo | Enrico Vicario

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Multidatabase Query Processing with Uncertainty in Global Keys and Attribute Values
Peter Scheuermann | Wen-Syan Li | Chris Clifton