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1998 Volume 49 Issue 6

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Professional Summarizing: No Cognitive Simulation Without Observation
Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer | Elisabeth Neugebauer

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Scholarly Communication and Electronic Journals: An Impact Study
Stephen P. Harter

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A Comparison of Group and Individual Performance Among Subject Experts and Untrained Workers at the Document Retrieval Task
W. John Wilbur

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Citation Context Versus the Frequency Counts of Citation Histories
Sinisa Maricic | Jagoda Spaventi | Leo Pavicic | Greta Pifat-Mrzljak

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User Satisfaction with Information Seeking on the Internet
Harry Bruce

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Testing the Maximum Entropy Principle for Information Retrieval
Paul B. Kantor | Jung Jin Lee

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The Internet Searcher's Handbook: Locating Information, People, and Software, edited by Peter Morville, Louis Rosenfeld, and Joseph Janes
Valerie Jaffe

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Proceedings of the Sixth Conference of the International Society for Scientometrics and Informetrics, edited by Bluma C. Peritz and Leo Egghe
Judit Bar-Ilan

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Information Science: Still an Emerging Discipline, edited by James G. Williams and Toni Carbo
Charles H. Davis

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Internet Economics, edited by Lee W. McKnight and Joseph P. Bailey
Christinger Tomer

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Modern Information Systems for Managers, by Hossein Bidgoli
Yonathan Mizrachi

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Information Seeking in Context, edited by Pertti Vakkari, Reijo Savolainen, and Brenda Dervin
Terrence A. Brooks

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Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative, by Edward R. Tufte
Robert J. Skovira

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Information Services for Secondary Schools by Dana McDougald and Melvin Bowie
Carol A. Doll