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1998 Volume 49 Issue 7

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Introduction to the Special Topic Issue: Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Emerging Information Systems Applications
Hsinchun Chen

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Internet Browsing and Searching: User Evaluations of Category Map and Concept Space Techniques
Hsinchun Chen | Andrea Houston | Robin R. Sewell | Bruce R. Schatz

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A Smart Itsy Bitsy Spider for the Web
Hsinchun Chen | Yi-Ming Chung | Marshall Ramsey | Christopher C. Yang

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Speech Recognition for a Digital Video Library
Michael J. Witbrock | Alexander G. Hauptmann

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A Texture Thesaurus for Browsing Large Aerial Photographs
Wei-Ying Ma | B. S. Manjunath

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Architecture, Design and Development of an HTML/JavaScript Web-Based Group Support System
Nicholas C. Romano Jr. | Jay F. Nunamaker Jr. | Robert O. Briggs | Douglas R. Vogel

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Information Retrieval Systems: Theory and Implementation, by Gerald Kowalski
M. Carl Drott

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Costing and Pricing in the Digital Age: A Practical Guide for Information Services, by Herbert Snyder and Elisabeth Davenport
Bruce R. Kingma

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From Print to Electronic: The Transformation of Scientific Communication, by Susan Y. Crawford, Julie M. Hurd, and Ann C. Weller
Marianne Afifi

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Knowledge, Concepts, and Categories, edited by Koen Lamberts and David Shanks
Terrence A. Brooks

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Authoritative Guide to Web Search Engines, by Susan Maze, David Moxley, and Donna J. Smith
Candy Schwartz