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1998 Volume 49 Issue 9

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Coordinating Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: A Review of Research Issues and Strategies
Jonathan K. Kies | Robert C. Williges | Mary Beth Rosson

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Distributed Teamwork: The Impact of Communication Media on Influence and Decision Quality
Maryalice Citera

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A Distributed Representation Approach to Group Problem Solving
Jiajie Zhang

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A User-Centered Cooperative Information System for Medical Imaging Diagnosis
Enrique J. Gómez | José A. Quiles | Marcos F. Sanz | Francisco del Pozo

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A Case History in Applying Task Analysis in the Design of a Multimedia Cooperative Document Production System
Ian Denley | Andy Whitefield

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Computer Support of Collaborative Planning: An Applications Report
William B. Rouse

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Children's Internet Searching on Complex Problems: Performance and Process Analyses
John Schacter | Gregory K. W. K. Chung | Aimée Dorr

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Networked Learner Support in Higher Education: Initiatives in Professional Development and Research for a New Role
Sarah Ashton | Philippa Levy

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On Certain Generalizations of Inner Product Similarity Measures
Bernd-Jürgen Falkowski

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Computer-Mediated Communication: Linguistic, Social, And Cross-Cultural Perspectives, edited by Susan C. Herring
Gretchen Whitney

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Computer and Information Ethics, by John Weckert and Douglas Adeney
Andrew Dillon

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Complete Internet Companion for Librarieans, by Allen C. Benson
Derek G. Smith