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1998 Volume 1 Issue 4

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Browsers for Distributed Systems: Universal Paradigm or Siren's Song?
Robert C. Seacord | Scott A. Hissam

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Web-Based Testing: A study in Insecurity
Joel C. Adams | Aaron A. Armstrong

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A WWW-Assisted Fax System for Internet Fax-to-Fax Communication
L. S. K. Chong | Siu Cheung Hui | Chai Kiat Yeo | Schubert Foo

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A Survey on Metadata for Describing and Retrieving Internet Resources
Ana Maria de Carvalho Moura | Maria Luiza Machado Campos | Cassia Maria Barreto

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Query Processing with Quality Control in the World Wide Web
Ying Chen | Qiang Zhu | Nengbin Wang