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1999 Volume 35 Issue 3

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Progress Toward Digital Libraries: Augmentation through Integration
Gary Marchionini | Edward A. Fox

What are Digital Libraries? Competing Visions
Christine L. Borgman

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Delphi Study of Digital Libraries
Thomas R. Kochtanek | Karen K. Hein

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Document Structure and Digital Libraries: How Researchers Mobilize Information in Journal Articles
Ann Peterson Bishop

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Digital Library Support for Scholarly Research
R. R. Downs | E. A. Friedman

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Material Mastery: Situating Digital Library Use in University Research Practices
Lisa Covi

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Content Locality in Distributed Digital Libraries
Charles L. Viles | James C. French

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Discriminating Meta-Search: A Framework for Evaluation
Mark H. Chignell | Jacek Gwizdka | Richard C. Bodner

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Support for Interactive Document Selection in Cross-Language Information Retrieval
Douglas W. Oard | Philip Resnik

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Real Time Video Scene Detection and Classification
John M. Gauch | Susan Gauch | Sylvain Bouix | Xiaolan Zhu

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Visualising Semantic Spaces and Author Co-Citation Networks in Digital Libraries
Chaomei Chen