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1999 Volume 35 Issue 6

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Editorial: Information seeking in context (ISIC)
Carol Collier Kuhlthau | Pertti Vakkari

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On studying information seeking methodologically: the implications of connecting metatheory to method
Brenda Dervin

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The production of context in information seeking research: a metatheoretical view
Sanna Talja | Heidi Keso | Targa Pietilainen

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The role of the internet in information seeking - Putting the networked services in context
Reijo Savolainen

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Finding without seeking: the information encounter in the context of reading for pleasure
Catherine Sheldrick Ross

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Waiting for chiropody: contextual results from an ethnographic study of the information behaviour among attendees at community clinics
Karen E. Pettigrew

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Task complexity, problem structure and information actions - Integrating studies on information seeking and retrieval
Pertti Vakkari

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Exploring models of information behaviour: the 'uncertainty' project
Thomas D. Wilson

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Back to our beginnings: information utilization, Bertram Brookes and the fundamental equation of information science
Ross J. Todd

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Toward a reconceptualization of information seeking research: focus on the exchange of meaning
Kyunghye Yoon | Michael Sanford Nilan