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1999 Volume 50 Issue 1

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Introduction: Why a Special Topic Issue on Youth Issues?
Mary K. Chelton | Nancy P. Thomas

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Utilization of Herion Information by Adolescent Girls in Australia: A Cognitive Analysis
Ross J. Todd

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A Visit to the Information Mall: Web Searching Behavior of High School Students
Raya Fidel | Rachel K. Davies | Mary H. Douglass | Jenny K. Holder | Carla J. Hopkins | Elisabeth J. Kushner | Bryan K. Miyagishima | Christina D. Toney

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Barriers to Adolescents' Information Seeking for Career Decision Making
Heidi E. Julien

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A Re-Unification of Two Competing Models for Document Retrieval
David Bodoff

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Exploiting Parallelism in a Structural Scientific Discovery System to Improve Scalability
Gehad Galal | Diane J. Cook | Lawrence B. Holder

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Inner-City Gatekeepers: An Exploratory Survey of Their Information Use Environment
John Agada

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Boolean Search: Current State and Perspectives
Valery I. Frants | Jacob Shapiro | Isak Taksa | Vladimir G. Voiskunskii