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1999 Volume 50 Issue 10

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Information Retrieval from Annotated Texts
Aviezri S. Fraenkel | Shmuel T. Klein

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Designer Selves: Construction of Technologically Mediated Identity within Graphical, Multiuser Virtual Environments
Jerome McDonough

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First 20 Precision Among World Web Search Services (Search Engines)
H. Vernon Leighton | Jaideep Srivastava

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Measuring Search-Engine Quality and Query Difficulty: Ranking with Target and Freestyle
Robert M. Losee | Lee Anne H. Paris

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Scholarly Communication and the Continuum of Electronic Publishing
Rob Kling | Geoffrey W. McKim

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Conversation and Community: The Potential of Electronic Conferences for Creating Intellectual Proximity in Distributed Learning Environments
Judith Weedman

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Information Seeking Behavior of Scientists in the Electronic Information Age: Astronomers, Chemists, Mathematicians, and Physicists
Cecelia M. Brown

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A Stemming Procedure and Stopword List for General French Corpora
Jacques Savoy

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The Warholian Moment and other Proto-Indicators of Scholarly Salience
Blaise Cronin

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Towards the Digital Library: The British Library's Initiatives for Access Program, by Leona Carpenter, Simon Shaw, and Andrew Prescott
P. Scott Lapinski