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1999 Volume 50 Issue 12

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The Invisible Substrate of Information Science
Marcia J. Bates

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Information Science
Tefko Saracevic

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Scientist-Poets Wanted
Howard D. White

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Industrial Roots of Information Science
Donald A. Windsor

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Historical Note: The Start of a Stop List at Biological Abstracts
Barbara J. Flood

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Interaction in Information Retrieval: Trends Over Time
Pamela A. Savage-Knepshield | Nicholas J. Belkin

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Museum Informatics and Collaborative Technologies: The Emerging Socio-Technological Dimension of Information Science in Museum Environments
Paul F. Marty

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Mapping the Dimensions of a Dynamic Field
Caroline Haythornthwaite | Geoffrey C. Bowker | Christine Jenkins | W. Boyd Rayward

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Information Science and Information Systems: Conjunct Subjects Disjunct Disciplines
David Ellis | David K. Allen | Thomas D. Wilson

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Comparing Information Access Approaches
Matthew Chalmers

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Biographical Note - Robert S. Taylor
Betsy Van der Veer Martens

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The Rise of Ontologies or the Reinvention of Classification
Dagobert Soergel

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From Retrieval to Communication: The Development, Use, and Consequences of Digital Documentary Systems
Rob Kling | Holly Crawford

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More Research Needed: Informal Information-Seeking Behavior of Youth on the Internet
Eliza T. Dresang

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An Information View of History
Julian Warner

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The Control and Direction of Professional Education
Bill Crowley

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Informing Information Science: The Case for Activity Theory
Mark A. Spasser

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Aligning Studies of Information Seeking and Use with Domain Analysis
Carole L. Palmer

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The Growth of Understanding in Information Science: Towards a Developmental Model
Nigel Ford

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Information Science in 2010: A Loughborough University View
Ron Summers | Charles Oppenheim | Jack Meadows | Cliff McKnight | Margaret Kinnell