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1999 Volume 50 Issue 14

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Children's Relevance Criteria and Information Seeking on Electronic Resources
Sandra G. Hirsh

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Indirect-Collective Referencing (ICR): Life Course, Nature, and Importance of a Special Kind of Scientific Referencing
Endre Száva-Kováts

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Computer and Natural Language Texts - A Comparison Based on Long-Range Correlations
Peter Kokol | Vili Podgorelec | Milan Zorman | Tatjana Kokol | Tatjana Njivar

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Introduction and Overview
Kenneth D. Crews

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CONFU-sed: Security, Safe Harbors, and Fair-Use Guidelines
Dwayne K. Buttler

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What's Right About Fair-Use Guidelines for the Academic Community?
Mary Levering

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What's Wrong With Fair-Use Guidelines for the Academic Community?
Kenneth Frazier

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The Multimedia Guidelines
Joann Stevens

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Testing the Limits: The CONFU Digital-Images and Multimedia Guidelines and Their Consequences for Libraries and Educators
Christine L. Sundt

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Guidelines for Distance Learning and Interlibrary Loan: Doomed and More Doomed
Laura N. Gasaway

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The Economics of Publishing: The Consequences of Library and Research Copying
Colin Day

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The Immunity Dilemma: Are State Colleges and Universities Still Liable for Copyright Infringements?
Kenneth D. Crews | Georgia K. Harper

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Fair-Use Guidelines: A Selected Bibliography
Noemí A. Rivera-Morales