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1999 Volume 50 Issue 2

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A Cognitive Model of Document Use During a Research Project. Study II. Decisions at the Reading and Citing Stages
Peiling Wang | Marilyn Domas White

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Combining Mapping and Citation Analysis for Evaluative Bibliometric Purposes: A Bibliometric Study
E. C. M. Noyons | Henk F. Moed | Marc Luwel

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Meta-Information, and Time: Factors in Human Decision Making
Margaret Higgins

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A Study of the Use of Variables in Information Retrieval User Studies
Weijing Yuan | Charles T. Meadow

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Abstracting of Legal Cases: The Potential of Clustering Based on the Selection of Representative Objects
Marie-Francine Moens | Caroline Uyttendaele | Jos Dumortier

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An Analysis of Web Page and Web Site Constancy and Permanence
Wallace Koehler

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The Monte Carlo Method and the Evaluation of Retrieval System Performance
Robert Burgin