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1999 Volume 50 Issue 3

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Massive Query Resolution for Rapid Selective Dissemination of Information
Jonathan D. Cohen

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A Theory of Life in the Round
Elfreda A. Chatman

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A Study on Word-Based and Integral-Bit Chinese Text Compression Algorithms
Kwok-Shing Cheng | Gilbert H. Young | Kam-Fai Wong

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History of Scholarly Information and Communication: A Review of Selected German Literature
Thomas Hapke

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On the Law of Zipf-Mandelbrot for Multi-Wort Phrases
Leo Egghe

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Structures and Strategies of Interdisciplinary Science
Carole L. Palmer

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Towards the Identification of the Optimal Number of Relevance Categories
Rong Tang | William M. Shaw Jr. | Jack L. Vevea

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Retrieval Effectiveness of Surname-Title-Word Searches for Known Items by Academic Library Users
Frederick G. Kilgour | Barbara B. Moran | John R. Barden

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Boundary Crossing in Research Literatures as a Means of Interdisciplinary Information Transfer
Sydney J. Pierce

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A Model for Estimating the Occurrence of Same-Frequency Words and the Boundary Between High- and Low-Frequency Words in Texts
Qinglan Sun | Debora Shaw | Charles H. Davis