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1999 Volume 50 Issue 4

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Robert R. Korfhage
Edie M. Rasmussen | Christine L. Borman | Donald H. Kraft | Kai A. Olsen

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The National Information Infrastructure - Introduction
Patricia D. Fletcher | John Carlo Bertot

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Catching a Ride on the NII: The Federal Policy Vehicles Paving the Information Highway
Patricia D. Fletcher | Lisa K. Westerback

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Better Funding for Government IT: Views from the Front Line
Jerry Mechling

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Descriptive Assessment of Information Policy Initiatives: The Government Information Locator Service (GILS) as an Example
Charles R. McClure | William E. Moen | John Carlo Bertot

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And the Last Shall Be First: Recordkeeping Policies and the NII
Margaret L. Hedstrom | David Wallace

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Government Information: From Inaccessibility to Your Desktop and Back Again
J. Timothy Sprehe

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Crossing the Threshold: Practical Foundations for Government Services on the World Wide Web
Sharon S. Dawes | Theresa A. Pardo | Ann DiCaterino

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Government's Role in Reducing "Year-2000" Risks
Leon A. Kapelman | Jerry L. Johnson | Kathy Rosmond

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The Value of Interdisciplinarity: A Study Based on the Design of Internet Search Engines
Susan Davis Herring

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Information Science and Information Policy: The Use of Constant Dollars and other Indicators to Manage Research Investments
Albert Henderson

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Impact of Information Needs an Organizational Design
M. E. Burke | Karen Tulett

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Principles of Multimedia Database Systems, by V. S. Subrahmanian
Abby Goodrum

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Special Libraries: A Cataloging Guide, by Sheila S. Intner and Jean Weihs
Sara Tompson