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1999 Volume 50 Issue 5

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Increasing Link Marker Effectiveness for WWW and other Hypermedia Interfaces: An Examination of End-User Preferences
John R. Carlson | Charles J. Kacmar

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The Role of Experience in the Information Search Process of an Early Career Information Worker: Perceptions of Uncertainty, Complexity Construction, and Sources
Carol Collier Kuhlthau

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A Parallel Relational Database Management System Approach to Relevance Feedback in Information Retrievel
Carol Lundquist | Ophir Frieder | David O. Holmes | David A. Grossman

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Hypersonic und Supersonic Flow Roadmaps Using Bibliometrics and Database Tomography
Ronald N. Kostoff | Henry J. Eberhart | Darrell Ray Toothman

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An Analysis of Orientedness in Cataloging Rules
Shoichi Taniguchi

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Information Society or Cash Nexus? A Study of the United States as a Copyright Haven
Julian Warner

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Do Deans Publish What They Preach?
Blaise Cronin | Holly Crawford

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The DDC, the Universe of Knowledge, and the Post-Modern Library, by Francis L. Miksa
Birger Hjørland

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Basic Research Methods for Librarians, by Ronald R. Powell
William T. Fischer