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1999 Volume 50 Issue 6

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Condorcet Query Engine: A Query Engine for Coordinated Index Terms
Paul E. van der Vet | Nicolaas J. I. Mars

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Derivative Bibliographic Relationships: The Work Relationship in a Global Bibliographic Database
Richard P. Smiraglia | Gregory H. Leazer

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Cyberbrowsing: Information Customization on the Web
Hal Berghel | Daniel Berleant | Thomas Foy | Marcus McGuire

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Hierarchical Concept Indexing of Full-Text Documents in the Unified Medical Language System® Information Sources Map
Lawrence W. Wright | Holly K. Grossetta Nardini | Alan R. Aronson | Thomas C. Rindflesch

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Stemming Methodologies Over Individual Query Words for an Arabic Information Retrieval System
Hani Abu-Salem | Mahmoud Al-Omari | Martha W. Evens

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An Experiment on Node Size in a Hypermedia System
Su Hee Kim | Caroline M. Eastman

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Faculty Perceptions of Electronic Journals as Scholarly Communication: A Question of Prestige and Legitimacy
Cheri Speier | Jonathan W. Palmer | Daniel Wren | Susan Hahn

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Activity of Understanding a Problem during Interaction with an "Enabling" Information Retrieval System: Modeling Information Flow
Charles Cole