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1999 Volume 50 Issue 7

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H. G. Wells's Idea of a World Brain: A Critical Reassessment
W. Boyd Rayward

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Literature-Based Discovery by Lexical Statistics
Robert K. Lindsay | Michael D. Gordon

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Jumpstarting the Information Design for a Community Network
Misha W. Vaughan | Nancy Schwartz

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Searching Scientific Information on the Internet: A Dutch Academic User Survey
Henk J. Voorbij

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SENTINEL: A Multiple Engine Information Retrieval and Visualization System
Kevin L. Fox | Ophir Frieder | Margaret M. Knepper | Eric J. Snowberg

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Systematic Weighting and Ranking: Cutting the Gordian Knot
Charles H. Davis | Geoffrey W. McKim

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Ink into Bits: A Web of Converging Media by Charles T. Meadow
Jeff White

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Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape edited by Philip E. Agre and Marc Rotenberg
Marc Lampson