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1999 Volume 17 Issue 3

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A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Database Selection in Networked IR
Norbert Fuhr

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A Corpus Analysis Approach for Automatic Query Expansion and Its Extension to Multiple Databases
Susan Gauch | Jianying Wang | Satya Mahesh Rachakonda

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Context Interchange: New Features and Formalisms for the Intelligent Integration of Information
Cheng Hian Goh | Stéphane Bressan | Stuart E. Madnick | Michael D. Siegel

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Harp: A Distributed Query System for Legacy Public Libraries and Structured Databases
Ee-Peng Lim | Ying Lu

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Interface and Data Architecture for Query Preview in Networked Information Systems
Catherine Plaisant | Ben Shneiderman | Khoa Doan | Tom Bruns