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1999 Volume 2 Issue 1-2

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World Wide Web Characterization and Performance Evaluation - Preface
Fred Douglis

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Summary of WWW Characterizations
James E. Pitkow

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Changes in Web Client Access Patterns: Characteristics and Caching Implications
Paul Barford | Azer Bestavros | Adam D. Bradley | Mark Crovella

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Distributions of Surfers' Paths Through the World Wide Web: Empirical Characterizations
Peter Pirolli | James E. Pitkow

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A Performance Study of the Squid Proxy on HTTP/1.0
Alex Rousskov | Valery Soloviev

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Measuring the Capacity of a Web Server Under Realistic Loads
Gaurav Banga | Peter Druschel

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Analysis and Characterization of Large-Scale Web Server Access Patterns and Performance
Arun Iyengar | Mark S. Squillante | Li Zhang