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2000 Volume 36 Issue 2

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Introduction to the special issue on web-based information retrieval research
Amanda Spink | Jian Qin

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Real life, real users, and real needs: a study and analysis of user queries on the web
Bernard J. Jansen | Amanda Spink | Tefko Saracevic

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Users' interaction with World Wide Web resources: an exploratory study using a holistic approach
Peiling Wang | William B. Hawk | Carol Tenopir

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Design and empirical evaluation of search software for legal professionals on the WWW
Bert J. Dempsey | Robert C. Vreeland | Robert G. Sumner Jr. | Kiduk Yang

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A system for supporting cross-lingual information retrieval
Joanne Capstick | Abdel Kader Diagne | Gregor Erbach | Hans Uszkoreit | Anne Leisenberg | Manfred Leisenberg

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Relevance ranking for one to three term queries
Charles L. A. Clarke | Gordon V. Cormack | Elizabeth A. Tudhope

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Adapting a diagnostic problem-solving model to information retrieval
Inien Syu | Sheau-Dong Lang

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Review - How Classifications Work: Problems and Challenges in an Electronic Age; G.C. Bowker, S.L. Star (Eds), Library Trends 47(2): 185-340 (1998)
Jian Qin

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Review - High Technology and Low-Income Communities: Prospects for the Positive Use of Advanced Information Technology; D.A. Schon, B. Sanyal, W.J. Mitchell (Eds.), MIT Press 1999
Charles Cole

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Review - Summarizing Information; B. Endres-Niggemeyer, Springer-Verlag 1998
Mandar Mitra

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Review - Slaves of the machine; Gregory J. E. Rawlins, MIT Press
Dmitri Roussinov