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2000 Volume 36 Issue 3

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Database merging strategy based on logistic regression
Anne Le Calvé | Jacques Savoy

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Query expansion using heterogeneous thesauri
Rila Mandala | Takenobu Tokunaga | Hozumi Tanaka

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Two improved access methods on compact binary (CB) trees
Masami Shishibori | Masafumi Koyama | Makoto Okada | Jun-ichi Aoe

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The mathematical models of the periodical literature publishing process
Guang Yu | Daren Yu | Yihong Rong

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Automatic classification using supervised learning in a medical document filtering application
Javed Mostafa | Wai Lam

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A longitudinal study of database-assisted problem solving
Barbara M. Wildemuth | Charles P. Friedman | John Keyes | Stephen M. Downs

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Information behavior in dynamic group work contexts: interwoven situational awareness, dense social networks and contested collaboration in command and control
Diane H. Sonnenwald | Linda G. Pierce

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The development of a diagnostic-prescriptive tool for undergraduates seeking information for a social science/humanities assignment. III. Enabling devices
Charles Cole | Pablo Cantero | Andras Ungar

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Library and information science: practice, theory, and philosophical basis
Birger Hjørland