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2000 Volume 36 Issue 4

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Dimensions of relevance
Erica Cosijn | Peter Ingwersen

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Measuring the quality of publications: new methodology and case study
Jack P. C. Kleijnen | Willem J. H. Van Groenendaal

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Digital library query clearing using clustering and fuzzy decision-making
Malcolm I. Heywood | A. Nur Zincir-Heywood | Chris R. Chatwin

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Searching the web by constrained spreading activation
Fabio Crestani | Puay Leng Lee

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Cognitive design of home pages: an experimental study of comprehension on the World Wide Web
Nikunj P. Dalal | Zane Quible | Katherine Wyatt

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Putting documents into their work context in document analysis
Airi Salminen | Virpi Lyytikäinen | Pasi Tiitinen

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Structured storage and retrieval of SGML documents using Grove
Hak-Gyoon Kim | Sung-Bae Cho

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SimSum: an empirically founded simulation of summarizing
Brigitte Endres-Niggemeyer

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An aggregation approach to the classification problem using multiple prediction experts
Raymond L. Major | Cliff T. Ragsdale