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2000 Volume 2 Issue 2/3

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Henry S. Baird | Francine Chen

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Information Retrieval from Documents: A Survey
Mandar Mitra | B. B. Chaudhuri

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The TREC-5 Confusion Track: Comparing Retrieval Methods for Scanned Text
Paul B. Kantor | Ellen M. Voorhees

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Locating and Recognizing Text in WWW Images
Daniel P. Lopresti | Jiangying Zhou

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Word Spotting in Bitmapped Fax Documents
William J. Williams | Eugene J. Zalubas | Alfred O. Hero III

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Comparison and Classification of Documents Based on Layout Similarity
Jianying Hu | Ramanujan S. Kashi | Gordon T. Wilfong

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Intelligent Indexing and Semantic Retrieval of Multimodal Documents
Rohini K. Srihari | Zhongfei Zhang | Aibing Rao