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2000 Volume 2 Issue 1

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Improving Formal Models and Usability: Research in IR at Glasgow University - Introduction
Mark D. Dunlop | Mounia Lalmas

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Another Look at the Logical Uncertainty Principle
C. J. van Rijsbergen

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Exploiting the Similarity of Non-Matching Terms at Retrieval Time
Fabio Crestani

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Retrieving with Good Sense
Mark Sanderson

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Using Statistical Term Similarity for Sense Disambiguation in Cross-Language Information Retrieval
Mirna Adriani

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Incorporating Aspects of Information Use into Relevance Feedback
Ian Ruthven

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Interactive Evaluation of the Ostensive Model Using a New Test Collection of Images with Multiple Relevance Assessments
Iain Campbell

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A Task-Oriented Non-Interactive Evaluation Methodology for Information Retrieval Systems
Jane Reid